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Institut Néel – CNRS Grenoble [CNRS]

Institut Néel is a research laboratory of CNRS, closely linked with Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, with total staff 450. Its main expertise is condensed matter physics, with activities combining fundamental and applied purposes including patenting and industry-driven projects in energy, ICT, biotechnologies. It is part in the recently-accepted network of excellence of Grenoble laboratories for Nanosciences, Energy of the future and Healthcare-(, with a large number of supporting companies.

With Institut NEEL, the Micro-and NanoMagnetism team brings state-of-the-art expertise in numerical micromagnetism, high-resolution and time-resolved magnetic microscopy, domain-wall motion and arrays of magnetic nanowires. It has pioneered PEEM with time resolution, has many achievements in various high spatial resolution magnetic imaging especially of domain walls, and is one the few centers worldwide developing its own micromagnetic codes, in a multidisciplinary approach between experimentalists, theoreticians and applied mathematicians.

Institut NEEL is coordinating M3d. Its scientific and technical contribution is implementing numerical micromagnetics, development and participation in high-spatial and time resolution magnetic microscopies, fabricate and test write element.

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