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Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge [UCAM]

The Cavendish Laboratory is one of the most famous centers of physics in the world. Previous professors include Maxwell, Bragg, Rutherford, Rayleigh, Thomson and Mott. Nobel Prizes have been won by 29 members of the laboratory, including Crick and Watson in 1962 for the discovery of the helical structure of DNA. The laboratory today hosts research in all branches of modern physics with a strong emphasis on nanoscale science and technology, including Professor Cowburn’s Thin Film Magnetism group (

Expertise within the group includes: thin film deposition and advanced lithography with structural and magnetic characterization; domain walls in nanowires for memory and logic applications; advanced magneto-optics; topological objects within 3-dimensional nanostructures. Recent interest in interactions between domain-walls and high-speed dynamics are particularly well suited for M3d.

Univ. Cambridge will be the scientific leader for the solitons approach. It will be in charge of testing read elements integrated into nanowires, developing novel bit pages shifting and coding schemes, and validating novel memory device concepts.

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