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University of Hamburg, Department of Physics [UHAM]

The department of Physics from Hamburg University is a powerhouse of German physics in the areas of photonics, astrophysics, high-energy and solid-state physics. Of particular importance is the presence of other research institutions with daily scientific exchange — most notably the Center DESY of the Helmholtz Society, the Research Center Geesthacht (formerly GKSS), the Center for Free-Electron Laser CFEL. The Physics Department is funded by three ‘Sonderforschungsbereiche’ (centers of excellence) of the German Research Society.

The group of Prof. K. Nielsch has a deep expertise in the preparation of three-dimensional nanostructured materials by ‘bottom-up’ strategies and by the combination of ‘bottom-up’ and ‘top-down’ approaches, including on magnetic systems. This includes the formation of pore arrays by electrochemical oxidation, atomic layer deposition, electrodeposition of magnetic and non-magnetic elements and alloys, as well a standard magnetic knowledge and characterization.

Univ. Hamburg will contribute significantly to the synthetic effort and related magnetic characterization, in particular based on ordered template using interference lithography.

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