bandeau M3D SMART - Multilayered anodized structure SMART - Multilayered anodized structure


Precise 3D structuring control over nanoporous membranes

20 October 2016

Fine control over the anodization conditions (voltage, temperature, electrolyte...) allows for a wide variety of engineered pore structures in alumina templates

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Intermag 2015 (IEEE) in Beijing

14 May 2015

The IEEE International Magnetics Conference INTERMAG is held this year in Beijing, China.

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IWMNN 2015 update

30 April 2015

The program for the International Workshop on Magnetic Nanowires and Nanotubes 2015 is online.

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2015 IEEE Distinguished Lecturer

15 February 2015

M3D partner Pr. Russell Cowburn has been elected IEEE distinguished lecturer for 2015

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International Workshop on Magnetic Nanowires and Nanotubes (IWMNN) 2015

15 July 2014

The IWMNN 2015 - From 3D Nanostructuring Towards Novel Magnetic Data Storages will be held in Meersburg/Lake Constance, Germany from May 17th to May 20th, 2015.

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M3D started!

1 December 2012

The M3D project was officially launched on Dec.1st, 2012. A kickoff meeting brought all partners in Grenoble on Dec.19th to settle general issues and start the scientific and technical tasks.

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